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What Kinds of Trips are Offered?

We have adventures ranging from easy get-away to challenging multi-activities. We explore the world on foot, by kayak, raft, mountain bike, sail, hot-air balloon, airplane, 4-wheel drive or a combination of these vehicles. Novices are always welcome. Our experienced guides can teach you to paddle, or to safely summit a mountain.


On all trips we, Fezal Kalkan and Gurhan Kalkan –partners -, will be leading the groups and will be assisted by local guides, drivers and any other staff as deemed appropriate.

What Do I Need to Bring?

Usually all you need is your personal gear. A detailed clothing and equipment list  is sent to all trip members in their trip confirmation package. For the majority of  the trips, we provide tents, camping gear, rafting gear, mountain bikes, sea kayaks,  and more if necessary. 

Customized Departures for Larger Groups:

Any place on the earth we can reserve all departures or customize a special itinerary or  alternative departure for groups of friends, colleagues, schools or clubs.
Please email us or call our Customized Adventures Department at +

In Addition to Individual Travel, Can You Arrange a Trip For My Company/Group?

Yes. Nomad Adventures’ Corporate and Group Division specializes in designing team building, meeting planning or incentive events around our adventure travel products.

How Large are the Groups?

Scheduled trip group sizes usually range from 6 to 15 people. However, we can customize your own trip to host more than 15 people. Please read Nomadi Adventures Customized/Individual Trips

Age and Fitness:

On some of our group adventures we do not accept bookings for persons under the age of 16. There is no upper age limit. All these holiday packages contain elements that require a certain level of fitness, stamina and mobility and you must be confident that you are capable of fully participating in these activities.

Trip Difficulty Ratings:

We have active trips for every skill level, from novice to expert. The following guidelines will help you choose the right level of adventures that is right for you: 

Easy (1) 1-2 hours of activity daily and novices are welcomed. 

Easy to Moderate (1-2) 2-4 hours of activity daily and novices are welcomed.

Moderate (3) 5-6 hours of activity daily over varied terrains. All novices are welcomed.

Moderate to Dynamic (3-4) 6+ hours of activity daily, on varied terrains or at altitudes, Active novices are welcomed.

Dynamic (4) 6+ hours of activity daily, on varied terrains or at altitudes of 1,800m to 3,600m (6,000’-12, 000’), trekking 12km to 20km (8 to 12 miles), cycling 50km+ (30+ miles), paddling 10km-25km (6 to 15 miles). Familiarity with basic skills is recommended.

Dynamic to Strenuous (4-5) 6+ hours of activity daily, hiking up to 25km (15 miles), possible high altitudes above 3,600m (12,000’), hilly-to-steep terrain and load carrying. Prior experience is required. Some of our trips require a physician’s release.

Strenuous (5) Full-day mountaineering or trekking in mountainous terrains, experience and a physician’s release are required.


We believe that food on trips of adventure is a fundamental need. On camping trips our crew prepares local gourmet dishes.

On cultural trips, where we are accommodated at hotels or local houses, we support local economies. Thus, our trip leaders will be taking you on a variety of cuisine rides.

If you are on a special diet, vegetarian, vegan or allergic to any kind of food please let us know when signing up for an expedition. Your special circumstance will be taken into consideration by all the crewmembers for your health and joy of the ride.

Single Supplement:

Single supplements are available. It should be requested in advance. A fee will be issued to your invoice for a single supplement. Fees vary depending on the trip.

Can You Help Me Book International Airfare As Well?

Yes, we can. As a service to our land package buyers, you can request air quotes from your adventure consultant. Reservation process is subject to a fee.

Not Included:

Visas, vaccinations, travel insurance (link to insurance information), foreign airport taxes, international airfares. However, we would like to make it as easy on you as possible.

We will be more than happy to assist you in making this journey as easy as possible.