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High Altitude Excursion Equipment


Camp shoes (running shoes, sneakers, etc.)
Hiking boots (waterproofed and well broken in)
Four pairs of socks
One pair light fleece gloves
One pair heavier ski gloves
Fleece hat (ski cap)
Two pairs synthetic long underwear (top and bottoms) (no cotton)
One pair fleece pants (full side zips)
One fleece jacket
One pair hiking shorts
Two pair running shorts
Down jacket with hood
GORE-TEX® jacket
GORE-TEX® pants (full side zips)


Two big duffel bags with locks, nametags, and contact information written directly on the duffels
Secure travel wallet
Passport with one extra photo.(You’ll need the photo for the Nepal Entry Visa.You will also need four more passport photos for trekking permits)
Backpack, 3500-cubic-inch-capacity
Large day pack (Use this as your airline carry-on)
Two sleeping pads (one inflatable and one closed cell foam)
Several nylon stuff sacks, two plastic garbage bags, and five large Ziploc bags
Headlamp with one set of extra batteries
Sunglasses (wrap around style)
Pocket knife and Bic lighter
Personal toiletries (lightweight)
Personal First Aid Kit: tape, Band-Aids, Amoxicillin, Cipro, Dexamethasone, Diamox, and cold/flu medicine
Small stash of personal snack food and drink mix powder
Walkman/Discman with extra batteries (for the tents)
Two Nalgene water bottles (wide mouth) with foam insulated covers
One pee bottle (for tent nights)
Adjustable ski poles
Sunscreen, lip balm, and sun hat
One package Potable Aqua (iodine tablets) for water purification
Cup, bowl, and spoon
Camera and film