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Mountaineering & Climbing Equipment

Provided Gear

Sleeping pads
Cooking and eating utilities

Official Papers

Valid passport and visas
Climbing Permit
Airline tickets


Two duffel bags, 1 large enough for all climbing gear and clothing and a second bag with non-climbing items to be left at the hotel
Luggage tags and luggage locks
Passport pouch or money belt
Daypack, 2000-3000 cu. in. to be used during climb

Field Gear

Sleeping bag rated to 10°F or less


Waterproof, breathable jacket
Waterproof, breathable pants
Insulated down or synthetic filled jacket
Wind jacket and/or pants (optional)


Bring a few lightweight, easily washable items for travel and when you are not climbing
Mid-weight wool or fleece jacket/sweater
Wool or fleece pants
Mid-weight thermal underwear top and bottom, synthetic
Expedition weight thermal underwear top and bottom, synthetic
T-shirts, mix of synthetic and cotton
Long-sleeve synthetic shirts
Synthetic, quick-drying hiking shorts
Synthetic, quick-drying hiking pants
Hiking socks - wool and/or synthetic
Liner socks


Water-resistant leather hiking boots, mid-weight boots work great
Camp shoes - sneakers or sport sandals

Clothing Accessories

Balaclava or neck gaiter
Wool or fleece mittens/gloves
Thin gloves or mitten liners
Wool or fleece hat
Gaiters, knee-length
Sun hat

Travel Accessories

Water bottles (two 1-quart) or a hydration system plus one 1 qt. water bottle
Headlamp and spare lithium batteries/bulb (no flashlights!)
Sunglasses with dark lenses
Ski goggles
Hand sanitizer gel
Collapsible trekking poles
Favorite energy snacks and powdered drinks of personal use
Sun block and lip balm with high SPF
Toiletry kit
Small bath towel
Bio-degradable soap/shampoo
Personal first-aid kit
Rain cover and two large plastic trash bags for your daypack and duffel bag

Optional Field Gear

Camera, lenses and lots of film
Good quality sunglasses with its case (recommended). A spare pair is invaluable should your first pair be lost.
Small binoculars (highly recommended)
Reading and writing materials
Watch with alarm or travel clock
Water filter equipment or iodine tablets
Insect repellent with DEET
Spare contact lenses or prescription glasses
Ziploc bags, to protect camera, binoculars, etc. from dust
Swiss Army-type knife (carry in checked luggage)