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Turkish Cuisine

For those who travel and engage in culinary pursuits, Turkish Cuisine is a very, curious one. The variety of dishes that make up the cuisine, the ways they all come together in feast-like meals, and the evident intricacy of each craft offer enough material for life-long study and enjoyment.

Turkey is known for an abundance and diversity of foodstuff due to its rich flora, fauna and regional differentiation. The legacy of an Imperial Kitchen is inescapable. Hundreds of cooks specializing in different types of dishes, all eager to please the royal palate no doubt, had their influence in perfecting the cuisine as we known it today. The Palace Kitchen, supported by a complex social organization, a vibrant urban life, specialization of labor, trade, and total control of the Spice Road, reflected the culmination of wealth and the flourishing of culture in the capital of a mighty Empire. As a result, the reign of the Ottoman Empire throughout 600 years, and a seamless cultural transition into the present day of modern Turkey, led to the evolution of a grand cuisine through differentiation, refinement and perfection of dishes, as well as their sequence and combination of the meals.

Anyone who visits Turkey or has a meal in a Turkish home, regardless of the success of the particular cook, is sure to notice how unique the cuisine is. Our intention here is to help the inexperienced enjoy Turkish food by achieving a higher level of understanding of the selection of dishes, related cultural practices and their spiritual meaning.